Due Monday, March 9, 2015

Web Quest

You will be researching and completing the following activities. Please label your paper into sections for each activity or use a separate sheet(s) of paper for each activity. All the information you find needs to be modified into paragraph format AND NOT COPIED AND PASTED. DO NOT DO AN QUESTION/ANSWER FORMAT; USE THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS YOU FIND TO WRITE PARAGRAPHS. The only material you may copy and paste is the information for the film and book reviews. You may use the websites listed or just do your own searching.

Activity 1
Who was Mary Shelley?
Use the web sites below to find information to the following questions.
1. When and where was Mary Shelley born?
2. Where did she grow up (if different than birth place)?
3. What inspired her to write Frankenstein?
4. What else has she written?
5. What was her personal life like? Husband? Friends? Kids? Etc.
6. Where did she live as an adult?
7. When was Frankenstein published?
8. How did critics review the novel when it was first published?


The Poetry Foundation


Activity 2
Frankenstein on Film
Use the web sites below to find information to the following questions.
1. How many films were made using the “Frankenstein” character(s)? (just give a rough estimate)
Now choose two films and answer the following about them. ONLY SCHOOL APPROPRIATE FILMS, PLEASE
2. What is the title?
3. What year was it made?
4. Who was the director?
5. Who were the actors (main characters)?
6. What is the plot outline?
7. What were some of the reviews written by critics?
8. What is the rating on the movie (R, PG-13, etc.)?

Frankenstein – use the links!!

Activity 3
Is Frankenstein a Gothic Novel?
Use the web sites below to find information to the following questions.
1. First, look up the word gothic or Gothicism in a dictionary and write its definition. You can use http://www.m-w.com
2. Find some information linking Frankenstein to the gothic genre.Why do critics think it is gothic?
3. Why is it considered one of the best gothic novels?

Frankenstein as a Gothic Fiction


A Cultural Perspective on Frankenstein


Gothic fiction from Wikipedia Encyclopedia - Yes, I know this is Wikipedia, but it has a good definition


Activity 4
Romantic Movement
1. Why was it called the Romantic Movement?
2. What did this era, if anything, have to do with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?
3. What advances in medicine and science were taking place?

English Romanticism

Frankenstein: The Historical Content

Due Monday, March 9, 2015