Mythology, Poetry, & Art

Due Monday, September 17, 2012
Each of you will be writing a poem based on a particular painting or sculpture on the English wiki. You are to use William Carlos Williams’ poem as a format to follow. His lines are short, simple, and descriptive.

-at least 5 stanzas (paragraphs)
-at least three lines in each stanza
-the poem does not have to rhyme
-poem has to describe the scene within the painting AND the story itself as it is told in the painting. DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE STORY AND MAKE IT A POEM!!!

Everyone’s poem will be posted on the English wiki page.

Directions to English wiki

  • go to the school’s webpage, click on links, then click on Mrs. Grosulak’s wiki. OR go to
  • login using the username and password I gave you.
  • Click on Mythology, Art, and Poetry on the left side of the screen.
  • Read the directions (written above)
  • scroll down to click on the link to the art work you have chosen.
  • click on edit this page on the top
  • write your poem below the picture and the horizontal rule (line). MAKE SURE TO SIGN YOUR POEM AT THE END WITH YOUR USERNAME!
  • insert horizontal rule
  • click save

Example:Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

Click on one of the art links below and write your poem on that page.

The Birth of Venus

The Abduction of Europa

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda

Achilles Slays Hector

The Building of the Trojan Horse

Hades and Persephone

The Abduction of Helen of Troy

Echo and Narcissus


Pryamus and Thisbe